3" & 3 1/2" PULSE VALVES Immersion Type


Pulse/Jet Cleaning Pulse jet dust collector systems periodically inject short, powerful pulses of compressed air, in the direction opposite to the air flow, into a filterbag or a row of filterbags. This air shot creates a sudden bag expansion that breaks the dust cake from the outer surface of the bag's fabric. The dust is efffectively removed by inertial forces as the bag reaches maximum expansion and falls down into a hopper. Depending on the type of installation, typical pulse time is around 100 msec. while the interval between the pulses in each bag or row of bags is around 3 to 6 minutes. More and more the pulse sequence will depend on the differential pressure measurements over the filter bags.

เลือกขนาดของเกลียว ที่ต้องการ


• The diaphragm pulse valves are especially designed for dust collector service
applications, combining high flow, long life and extremely fast opening and closing to
produce reliable and economical operation
• The high flow, angle type bodies, springless construction, in combination with the
special diaphragm assemblies give the unique operating features required for dust
collector service applications
• Integral compression fittings for fast, easy, secure installation
• Waterproof and explosionproof solenoids for use in potentially
explosive atmospheres
• The valves satisfy all relevant EC directives


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