Air-Operated Valves

TESCOM VA and VG Series are air operated valves offering normally open/normally closed capabilities, operating pressures up to 15,000 psig / 1034 bar, very high cycle life and optional integrated solenoid valve. Suitable for liquid and gas applications. Ideal for use in high pressure on/off control. Air operated and manual versions available, optional solenoid. Example uses: high pressure cycling testing, pneumatic and hydraulic control panels and R & D labs. Main value differentiator: high cycle life (long life span), high quality, smaller footprint compared to air actuated all valves, leak tight seal.


ASCO Series Q117 & Q217 (2 way) / Q317 (3 way) are designed for operation under very harsh conditions with good resistance to thermal shock (steam followed by cold water cycles). Ruggedly built , particularly recommended for steam, superheated water up to max 230˚C and high ambient temperatures up to 140˚C. Air-operated stainless steel piston structure is able to withstand a maximum pressure of 32 bar. Compact design reduces installation space and cost- optimized fluid flow geometry allowing high flow rates.


The ASCO Series 390 are pressure-operated, remote-controlled valves with discs for industrial fluid media. An anti-water hammer design has fluid entry under the disc for quiet operation. The valves feature long service life in high-cycling applications. A wide range of piston-type operators (63 - 90 -125 mm diameters) are rotatable through 360° for maximum performance at different minimum pilot pressures. The 390 Series is suitable for automotive, bottling, commercial laundry equipment, and heating and cooling circuit applications.


The ASCO Series 290 is a pressure-operated, direct acting angle-body piston valve built for demanding applications. Its straight-through body design is available in bronze or stainless steel. The valve is suitable for general service applications (air, inert gas, water, oil, and light slurries), plus steam, hot water, and auxiliary fluids within the food and beverage industry. Many optional features available including a visual/electrical position indicator or a stroke limiter.


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