Electric Actuater Butterfly Valve UPVC


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หมวดหมู่ : Sanking UPVC valve Butterfly valve

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1) Plastic actuator body pass impaction & acid-base tests, also meets SGS
2) Valve position can be adjusted from 15 degree to 90 degree
3) Assembly of actuators and valves meets EN ISO 5211 standard
4) Improved PP disc to enhance the performance
5) Thickened body & seal to extend the service life
6) Materials meet drinking water standard
7) The material has been modified by nanometer to improve the pressure resistance and impact resistance
8) Raw materials add anti ultraviolet absorbent and antioxidant, improving the durability, ageing resistance
9) Electric actuator can be adjusted from 15 degree to 90 degree
10)Having the function of mechanical file protection
11)External equips Terminal cover
12)EA-A6 protection level meets SGS IP67 standard
EA-A7 protection level meets SGS IP66 standard

 Sanking UPVC Valves
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