The PRFA series Full-Metal Cylindrical Spatter-Resistant Inductive Proximity Sensors (Cable Type)


The PRFA series Autonic cable type spatter-resistant cylindrical proximity sensors feature full-metal housing and sensor head made of stainless steel 303. The robust sensors are highly resistant to deformation and corrosion and can be applied in diverse environments including food and beverage manufacturing, chemical, and metalworking industries. The spatter-resistant sensors are PTFE coated to reduce the risk of malfunction caused by welding spatter. The 0.8 mm thick metal sensor head provides high resistance to impact and wear and the 360° ring type operation indicator allows users to quickly identify operation status from various angles. The sensors are available in Ø 8 mm, Ø 12 mm, Ø 18 mm, and Ø 30 mm sizes for easy installation in tight spaces and various other user settings.

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PRFW Series

 DC 2-wire Ø 8 mm size models have been added to the lineup
High resistance to impact and wear caused by contact with workpieces or wire brushes (sensor head/housing : stainless steel)
Reduced risk of malfunction caused by aluminum chips
Excellent noise immunity with specialized sensor IC
Built-in surge protection circuit and overcurrent protection circuit
360° ring type operation indicator (red LED) (except PRFT08-1.5DO-V model)
Oil resistant cable
IP67 protection structure (IEC standard)


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