PRDA Series Cylindrical Spatter-Resistant Inductive Proximity Sensors with Long Sensing Distance (Cable Type)


The PRDA series inductive proximity sensors are PTFE coated for high heat resistance and prevention of malfunctions caused by welding spatter. The sensors also feature long sensing distances and excellent noise immunity with a specialized sensor IC developed by Autonics. The sensors are ideal for welding applications and can be used as an alternative to spatter-resistant limit switches.

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PRDA Series

PTFE coated for high heat resistance (prevent malfunction from welding spatter)
Long sensing distance and excellent noise immunity with specialized sensor IC
Built-in surge protection circuit, reverse polarity protection circuit, and overcurrent protection circuitsDA
Cable connector type connection offers easier maintenance and wiring
Durable and reliable alternative to spatter-resistant limit switches
IP67 protection structure (IEC standard)

 Full-metal inductive proximity sensors are used to set the location of automobile doors during spot welding process.


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