ASCO™ Series 553 Solenoid Spool Valve


The ASCO Series 553 is a line of compact solenoid spool valves that are ideal for controlling air or inert gas in challenging environments. The valves ’ unique design combines hard T-seals and flexible O-rings that provide bubble-tight shutoff, dirt resistance, and multi-million cycle reliability. The 551 Series comes in anodized aluminum, brass, and stainless steel bodies with ½-inch NPT and BSP connections. It is suitable for the harsh conditions found in chemicals, refining, food & beverage applications and life science processing.

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Valve Actuation
Solenoid - Air Pilot
Body Material
Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass
Air, Inert Gas
Pipe / Port Size
1/2 "
Port Type
3 way - 3/2 Normally Closed, 4 way - 5/2
From 2.0 Cv to 6.0 Cv, From 1.73 to 5.19 Kv
24 AC, 110 AC, 120 AC, 220 AC, 480 AC, 6 DC, 12 DC, 24 DC, 120 DC, 240 DC | 50, 60
Max Differential / Max Operating Pressure
Vacuum to 150 PSIG
Operating Environment
Corrosive, Hazardous, Indoor, Outdoor
Standards / Regulations
ATEX Zone 1-21, ATEX Zone 2-22, Class I Div 1, Class II Div 1, IP65, SIL, Type 1, Type 2, Type 3,Type 3S, Type 4, Type 4X, Type 6, Type 6P, Type 7, Type 9, UL
Available in two versions, mounted directly to actuators with NAMUR interface per VDI⁄VDE 3845 or threaded to mount on the pipe
Valve body in Aluminum, Brass, or Stainless steel 316L
Exhaust ports are pipeable, providing better protection against harsh environments
DIN, watertight, and explosion-proof solenoids are available for use in mission-critical and hazardous areas
Low-power constructions are ideal for remote and alternative power locations
Integral breather block vents to spring side of the actuator to exhaust, preventing corrosion
Single- and dual-solenoid constructions are available that mount in any position
Compatible to Functional safety loop up to SIL 3
All ports of NAMUR on the same side for a better water , DUST protection
Available will all Explosion proof solenoids: Ex d, Ex mb, Ex ia/Ib, Ex e mb, NEMA

ASCO™ Series 553 Solenoid Spool Valve

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